Five Anti-Ageing Treatments
You Should Try

As we grow older our skin naturally starts to age, showing signs of ageing in different ways. Whether that’s in the case of wrinkles and lines, a loss in facial definition, or loose / drooping skin, a change in skin appearance is one of the most visible signs of ageing. It’s natural to grow older, however some people can be unhappy with their appearance as signs of ageing begin to develop. It isn’t just nature that can impact how we age, there are a number of lifestyle factors that can have an impact on the appearance of your skin also, some of these include: smoking, poor diet, sun exposure, stress, long working hours, alcohol consumption plus many more.

Whilst it’s impossible to avoid daily life, there are some steps you can be taking as an anti-ageing preventative approach should you be worried about changes in the appearance of your skin. Here at Victoria House Clinic we’re committed to helping people look and feel their best, regardless of age. We have a wide range of anti-ageing treatments available designed to help correct areas of concern & prevent further changes in appearance. The perfect treatment guide for anyone unhappy with the appearance of their skin or wanting to avoid significant signs of ageing in the future. 

Anti-ageing treatments at Victoria House Clinic

As explained we offer both preventative and corrective approaches to our anti-ageing treatments here at Victoria House Clinic. From as early as mid 20’s – 30 our skin can begin to change, where our collagen cycle reduces and our skin begins to lose definition. 

If at this age you are beginning to notice changes within your face that you are unhappy with then it’s a great time to start with anti-ageing treatments. For younger patients we encourage them to start with simple treatments designed to refresh their skin & bring their natural glow back. 

It’s reported that the earlier you start with anti-ageing treatments the better long time results you will have. It can sometimes be harder to fix years worth of ageing on older patients that have had no previous treatments. 

In this guide we’re going to focus on our non-surgical treatments that can be used for anti-ageing. However, it’s important to note that we have a number of minor surgical procedures available here at Victoria House Clinic that can also help address concerns caused by ageing. Some of the procedures available include: neck lift, face lift, lip lift, brow lift and lower blepharoplasty. Should they cover areas you are unhappy with and you’d like to find out more about our surgical procedures then please do get in touch.

Anti-Ageing Injectables: this treatment is designed to help create a natural looking reduction in fine lines & wrinkles. Anti-wrinkle injections block the signals between the nerves and the muscles causing the muscles to relax, this process reduces the appearance of the lines to reveal a look that is more youthful, fresher and completely natural.

Dermal Filler: this treatment is designed to help refresh your features, helping reduce fine lines and restore the fullness within your skin. It can help redefine areas on your face and it is one of the best preventative treatments for our younger patients. 

Profhilo: this treatment has been designed as an anti-aging injectable treatment to improve the elasticity, tone and texture of the skin. Rather than filling or smoothing wrinkles like other anti-aging injectables, Profhilo® stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin within the dermal cells without having to alter the structure of the face.

Microneedling: this is a treatment designed to rejuvenate the skin in a non-invasive way helping to reduce the appearance of a number of skin concerns and encourage skin healing. It’s a clinically safe and proven form of collagen induction therapy. 

BeautifEye: this is a non-invasive treatment, that works to improve the skin area surrounding the eye by improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles whilst also hydrating the area. It improves skin density, stimulates collagen production, gives an immediate boost to the eye area and promotes a long term brightening effect, the ultimate confidence boosting treatment.

All five of these treatments have been specifically designed to help prevent or reduce signs of ageing. Our injectable, dermal filler & profhilo treatments are carried out by either a doctor or nurse, depending on which option suits you best and microneedling and beautifeye treatments are all nurse led. 

What are the benefits of anti-ageing treatments?

Besides the benefits to reducing signs of ageing, the treatments we’ve suggested have a whole heap of other benefits associated with them too. Here’s an example of some of them:

Whatever your reasons might be for considering one of our anti-ageing treatments know that our expert team are committed to ensuring you achieve your desired results.

The team behind our anti-ageing treatments

Depending on what treatment you go for and which option is right for you will determine which member of our team you will meet. On hand to help with anti-ageing treatments here in our clinic is our expert team, made up of our medical director Dr George Filobbos and our Aesthetic Nurses Emma and Shannon. All three are committed to helping you achieve natural, effective results to regain confidence, reduce signs of ageing & prevent any further skin concerns. Should you be interested in booking one of our anti-ageing treatments and would like to find out more then please do get in touch, we’d love to get you booked in for a consultation.