Prominent Ears

What are prominent ears?

Prominent ears is a general team used to describe ears that protrude or stick out more than what is considered average. There are no specific rules on what counts as protruding ears and it really is down to how an individual feels and if they consider their own ears to stick out more than average. Some consider ears that stick out more than 2cm from the head to be protruding. Around 5% of the population are reported to have protruding ears and have had them since birth or developed them in early childhood. Some people with protruding ears become unhappy with the appearance of them & look for surgical procedures to help address their concerns. 

What causes prominent ears?

The number one cause for prominent ears is genetics and the ear shape within your family. Making it a concern that is considered hereditary. 

It is also typical that people with prominent ears have an underdeveloped antihelical fold. Which means that the fold doesn’t form correctly causing the outer rim of the ear to stick out. It’s also common for them to have a deeply formed concha which is what pushes the ear away from the side of the head. 

Prominent ears are completely harmless and not often related with any hearing problems or other conditions. The reason people are generally unhappy with how their ears stick out is because of cosmetic reasons and feeling dissatisfied with the appearance of them.


Pinnaplasty in Birmingham

Treatments for prominent ears

If you have prominent ears and are unhappy with the appearance of them then you might already be considering different surgical procedures that can help you achieve your desired results. Here at Victoria House Clinic we offer Pinnaplasty procedures to help correct ears that are sticking out. Let our experts consultant surgeons help you to regain your confidence.