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We can effectively eliminate unsightly veins by utilising the latest laser technologies. Although these veins aren't dangerous, they cause reddening and can affect your confidence. Candela's Gmax Pro can dramatically improve the appearance of unwanted thread veins.

What are thread veins?

Also referred to as spider veins, thread veins are commonly found on the face and legs, but they can appear anywhere on the body. They tend to branch and give a spidery pattern, hence their common name. They are tiny blood vessels just below the surface of the skin. They look red or can be purple or blue, they appear when blood vessels become dilated which cause the veins to appear broken. The correct medical term is telangiectasia.

What causes thread veins?

They can be genetic and part of the ageing process or appear due to:

How does laser treatment work?

Laser Vein Treatment works by creating a beam of high-intensity light that targets the vein, whilst protecting the upper layers of your skin. The laser heats the blood vessel up, this heat will cause the vein to break down and collapse which will then be re-absorbed and eliminated by the body.

What is the treatment process?

Some clients will see results after one treatment, but a course of three treatments may be needed for maximum results. Treatment intervals will be between six to eight weeks. The treatment is relatively painless. Maintenace treatments may be required as veins can reoccur due to lifestyle.

For more information book a consultation with a professional at Victoria House Clinic, we will assess the area and check your medical history to see if you are suitable for treatment. The procedure will be explained in detail outlining side effects, aftercare, treatment results and costs.

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