Treatments For Age Spots

What are age spots?

Age spotting is a skin condition which typically appears as small, flat brown areas on the skin. They can appear in a range of different shapes and sizes. Also known as sun spots, they can develop as a result of sun damage to the skin in the areas typically exposed to the sun such as your arms, face, hands and shoulders. Age spots typically appear among adults over the age of 50, however they can be present on younger skin if an area has been exposed to the sun without protection. Following unprotected exposure to the sun age spots can appear as a way to protect the skin and to avoid any further sun damage. Whilst they are completely harmless, many can become unhappy with the appearance of them & look for ways to have them lightened or even removed. 

What are the causes & symptoms of age spots?

The number one cause for age spots is sun damage. However there are some other causes to consider including: genetics, natural skin ageing and hormonal changes. Here are some of the symptoms to look out for to help you identify if age spots are present on your skin:

Age spots are harmless but do show signs of sun damage. So the best thing to do if you are prone to sun spots is to really work on protecting your skin in the sun to prevent any further damage.

Treatments For Age Spots

If you have age spots and have become unhappy with the appearance of them & how they present on your skin then there are a number of treatments you can look into to help with reduction or removal. Here at Victoria House Clinic we have a few specialists treatments designed to help you address concerns you may have with your age spots. Let our expert team help you regain your confidence and love the skin you’re in.