Excess Hair

What is excess hair?

Whilst all of us have hair growth across different areas of our body, some people are prone to excessive hair growth. Where hair grows across multiple areas on the body, sometimes in places that aren’t typical for a man or woman and in sometimes in a way that is hard to control or maintain. Those with excessive hair growth can become embarrassed, self conscious and frustrated by their appearance and look for ways to help reduce or stop the way their hair naturally grows.

What causes excess hair?

It can sometimes be hard to determine whether your hair growth is abnormal, and something that needs addressing. However, if your hair growth has an impact on your daily life or confidence then it’s likely it doesn’t follow the trend of what’s considered to be normal. There are a number of factors which can contribute to excessive hair growth across men and women including:

There are many ways in which hair growth can be treated at home, however if it is excessive it can be hard to control and keep on top of. Hence why people look for professional alternatives to achieve more effective results. 

Treatments For Excess Hair

If you believe you have excessive hair growth and have become tired with at home removal methods then you might already be considering alternative methods that can provide results that are more effective. 

The best way to treat excess hair is with professional laser hair removal treatments. Here at Victoria House Clinic we pride ourselves on being laser hair removal specialists & have helped many patients achieve their desired results & gain control back over their hair growth.