Spot Treatments

What are spots?

Spots and pimples are a common skin condition that will likely affect everyone at some point during their life. However, some people can be more prone to having spots appear on their skin than others and it can become a real skin concern. Spots are small growths that appear on the skin surface in a variety of different forms whether that’s as blackheads, whiteheads, papules, nodules, pustules and/or cysts. Whilst they can appear anywhere on the body they typically appear on the face, chest, shoulders and back. Spots are different to acne, as spots are a symptom of acne which is a greater skin condition. Those that have spot prone skin might not have other signs of acne, or only have occasional flare ups. Spots are common among adults, and some can even develop pimples for the first time during adulthood. Whilst they are completely harmless, spot prone skin can have a knock on effect on a persons confidence and happiness.

What causes spots on the skin?

Spots develop as a result of pores on the skin becoming clogged with debris, excess oil and bacteria. This typically happens when the glands next to hair follicles overproduce oil. Our skin can get irritated and spots can develop as a result of a number of different factors including:

With the main cause of spots on the skin being congestion it’s important to invest in a skincare routine that is suited to your skin type & that will achieve the results you need to help your skin to feel fresh and deeply cleansed. 

Treatments For Spots

Spots can cause problems for many people and have a real impact on someones self esteem and confidence. There are many self help techniques you can try to help address your skin concerns however they don’t always help. If you’re someone that is unhappy with the condition of their skin and would like some support, we’re here to help. Here at Victoria House Clinic we have a wide range of skin treatments available that have been designed to help you restore skin’s health, deep cleanse your skin & feel more confident within the skin you’re in. Let us help you regain confidence with our specialist treatments.