Our Surgical Procedures

Surgical procedures are now available to book here at Victoria House Clinic with our Consultant Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeons. Our mission is to help patients feel the best version of themselves with tailored treatment plans designed to achieve desired results safely and effectively. It’s important to us that all of the patients that come through our clinic doors receive expert care, guidance and advice right from their very first consultation. Choosing to have any surgical procedure is a big decision for anyone, and one that requires careful consideration so we want to ensure that you are fully informed at every stage of the process. We pride ourselves on the quality of service offered during our doctor patient consultations, they’re the perfect opportunity to meet the doctors, ask questions & find out more about the treatment you are considering. 

Dr George Filobbos & Dr Mohamed Maher at Victoria House Clinic, Birmingham

Our Consultant Surgeons

Meet George Filobbos and Mohamed Maher, two accomplished plastic surgeons who work in tandem to deliver exceptional care. The partnership between George and Mohamed is a testament to their shared commitment to delivering excellence in plastic surgery.

Patients have the unique advantage of being under the care of two exceptional consultants, both in consultation and during surgical procedures. George and Mohamed not only provide comprehensive consultations and expert guidance, but they are also personally involved in the surgical process, ensuring that patients receive an unparalleled level of expertise and attention from the initial visit through to the operating theatre. This dual role of consultation and hands-on surgery distinguishes their practice in the field of plastic surgery, offering patients a truly holistic and seamless healthcare experience.

Mohamed and George’s collaborative efforts leads to a comprehensive range of procedures encompassing the entire spectrum of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Their holistic approach to patient care has created an established practice with a multitude of satisfied patients that is consistently growing. They are known for their advocacy of safe and responsible aesthetic surgery, ensuring that patients are well-informed, comfortable, and receive the highest quality care throughout their entire journey. Their empathetic bedside manner has earned them the trust and admiration of countless patients, making them a formidable team in the field of plastic surgery.

What Surgical Procedures Are Available

Removal Procedures: We offer removal procedures for moles, skin tags, warts, cysts and lipoma. As part of our our full, 360 approach to offering our patients the best care we also offer full body mole checks, skin cancer assessments & a histology service.

Face Procedures: We offer a wide variety of surgical procedures for the face including blepharoplasty, neck lift, face lift, lip lift and brow lift. So whether you are looking for a lift, rejuvenation or to correct something you are unhappy with the appearance of we can help. 

Ear Procedures: We offer ear correction surgical procedures including pinnaplasty and earlobe repair. Two different treatments to help correct the appearance of the ears in some way whether it’s for cosmetic or medical reasons.

Body Procedures: We offer a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures for the body including nipple and areola reduction, nipple inversion repair, labiaplasty and fat transfers. Specialist surgical procedures to help you regain confidence & love yourself.

What are the benefits of private surgery?

Here at Victoria House Clinic we pride ourselves on providing the best service to everyone that walks through our door. We’ve crafted an expert team, and are proud to be working with some of the UK’s top consultants & aesthetic practitioners across the clinic. 

There are a number of benefits to private surgery which we’re proud to stand by including:

We really are passionate about providing a first class service to all our patients & look forward to helping you on whatever journey you might be on.

Meet The Surgeons In A Consultation

If you have been considering a surgical procedure and would like the opportunity to ask questions, find out more information and meet our doctors then let’s get you booked in for a consultation. The consultation will be led by our consultant surgeons George Filobbos and Mohamed Maher. They look forward to meeting you and utilising all of their combined expertise and experience to help you achieve your desired result.