Excess Sweating

What is excess sweating?

Excess sweating also referred to as hyperhidrosis is a common condition, that’s reported to affect around 1-3 in every 100 people. Whilst sweating is a normal, everyday function, hyperhidrosis is a condition whereby you are sweating excessively for no obvious reason, such as being too hot or during exercise. The characteristics of an individuals hyperhidrosis condition may vary. Some people might find that they excessively sweat on their whole body, whilst others might find that it only appears in certain areas. The most commonly affected areas are: hands, feet, chest, underarms and groin.

What causes excess sweating?

It can be difficult to know why you are sweating excessively, but hyperhidrosis can be classed into two different categories which are primary and secondary hyperhidrosis. 

Primary hyperhidrosis is when the condition isn’t as a result of another health condition, and has occurred naturally. Whereas secondary hyperhidrosis is caused as a result from another medical condition such as: diabetes, an overactive thyroid or menopause. Secondary hyperhidrosis can also develop as a side effect from some medications or supplements.  

Here’s a few signs to look out for if you think your sweating has become excessive:

Treatments For Excess Sweating


Many people with hyperhidrosis can become extremely self conscious with the amount they sweat and it really can have an impact on their quality of life. If you are someone that sweats excessively and would like some support to help reduce the amount you sweat, we can help. 

One of the most effective treatment methods and one we’re pleased to offer here at Victoria House Clinic is with the use of anti-injectables. We offer our patients effective, hyperhidrosis treatments into areas including: underarms, forehead, upper lip, groin, and hands. 

Anti-injectables will be injected into the skin surface of the area, providing a solution that essentially stops the sweating function. This treatment is carried out safely in our CQC registered clinic and can be either nurse or doctor led.