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Teeth Grinding

What is bruxism?

Teeth grinding also referred to as Bruxism is a condition whereby people grind or clench their teeth. This condition effects many in different ways with up to 30% of people reported to grind their teeth in some way. The two types of bruxism; awake and sleep bruxism are used to classify when someone might typically grind their teeth. It’s common for people that grind their teeth to do so unconsciously and not be aware of the fact they are doing it. For people that have sleep bruxism this can sometimes be linked to other sleep disorders. In some cases bruxism can be severe and cause discomfort leading to other problems including headaches and dental issues and some might seek out available treatments for support with their teeth grinding. 

Causes & symptoms of bruxism

It’s not entirely obvious as to what causes bruxism and each person will have different triggers. However, it is understood that psychological, physical and genetic factors can play a part. 

Awake bruxism is often emotion related and a symptom of someone feeling high levels of stress, anxiety, anger or tension. It might also in some cases be a habit related to concentration. Whereas sleep bruxism could be described as a sleep related chewing activity. 

For many people that grind their teeth they might not be aware that they are doing so. Some of the signs to look out for typically associated with bruxism are:

Treatments For Teeth Grinding

If you are some that grinds their teeth and have found that it is having a disruptive impact on your everyday life then you might be considering treatment options to help support you. Here at Victoria House Clinic we’re on hand to offer support throughout the whole process with effective treatments targeted to support people that grind their teeth. Let our expert team help you.