Why Get A Full Body Mole Check?

Full Body Mole Checks At Victoria House Clinic


Here at Victoria House Clinic we offer a wide range of mole and other excision removal treatments, as part of our minor surgery offering. As part of our mole removal service, we offer patients the opportunity to book in for a full body mole check with our GMC registered, medical director Dr George Filobbos. During these checks Dr George will do a thorough skin analysis, where he will examine all of the moles that are visible on your body, flagging any that are abnormal or raise concerns. 

Having a full body mole check is essential for peace of mind and to see if any of the moles that do appear on your body would benefit from further testing or diagnosis. At the end of the full body mole check, Dr George will spend some time with you to talk through his findings, offer medical advice and answer any questions you might have. You will also discuss next steps, which could include getting you booked in for the removal of your moles and a histology. Histology is when the removed mole is sent off for further testing should there be concerns around it. 

What are the benefits?

 There are a number of reasons as to why someone should get a full body mole check done professionally. Especially if there are moles on the body that have changed in shape or size. Here are a few of the benefits as to why you should be getting your moles checked professionally:

Having  a full body skin check should be something you are having done yearly. Especially if there is a history of skin cancer within your family.

What if I need to get a mole removed?

If during your full body mole check Dr George has identified moles that need to be removed and tested further, then we do also offer mole removal procedures. All of our mole removal procedures are done under local anaesthetic and we provide three different approaches which include: shave, excision and curettage removal. The best removal method will be determined by the doctor and you will be advised on whether histology is recommended for your moles.

If you have multiple moles that need removing we can do all of the removals in one procedure and offer subsequent pricing. If you've been considering get your moles removed, tested or checked then now is the perfect time to get booked in for a consultation with our doctor. During this you can find out more about the specific treatment, ask any questions & discuss your areas of concern.

From your very first meeting you will be supported throughout your entire journey with us. It's key that we always put patient well-being and safety first.

Mole Checks & Removal Pricing

Find out more about our mole removal services here at Victoria House Clinic.

Looking after your skin and being proactive with your approach to helping identify any abnormalities is key in staying safe and healthy. If you think you could benefit from having your moles checked out by a professional then let’s get you booked in for your full body mole check with Dr George Filobbos.