Men's Health Procedures

Men’s Health Procedures are now available to book here at Victoria House Clinic with our Consultant Urological Surgeon, Mr Hosam Serag. We’re committed to creating an environment where everyone feels safe, supported & included, which is why we’re pleased to offer dedicated men’s health procedures. We’re currently taking consultation bookings for the following: circumcision, vasectomy and dorsal slit procedures. All of which will be carried out here in our CQC registered clinic and led by our expert urologist Hosam Serag

 It’s important to us that all of the patients that come through our clinic doors receive expert care, guidance and advice right from their very first consultation. Choosing to have any surgical procedure is a big decision for anyone, and one that requires careful consideration so we want to ensure that you are fully informed at every stage of the process. We pride ourselves on the quality of service offered during our doctor patient consultations, they’re the perfect opportunity to meet your consultant surgeon, ask questions & find out more about the procedure you are considering. 

Our Men's Health Procedures

Our Men’s Health Procedures are carried out under local anaesthetic, and our Consultant Urological Surgeon specialises in a range of specific male treatments. 

Here’s an overview of the men’s health procedures we offer here at Victoria House Clinic:

Circumcision is a surgical procedure which involves the removal of the retractable skin that surrounds the tip of the penis, also known as the foreskin. It’s a very common surgical procedure done for a variety of reasons. 

Dorsal Slit is a minor surgical procedure that aims to relieve tightness around the foreskin area and is an alternative procedure to a circumcision. Whilst it can help relieve tightness and prevent retraction it can also be done as an emergency procedure for relief of paraphimosis. 

Vasectomy is a surgical procedure which prevents men from being able to have children. The procedure involves the tubes that carry sperm from a man’s testicles to the penis being cut or blocked.

Whatever your reasons are for considering one of the above treatments our expert team are on hand to support you throughout the entire journey.

Circumcision Treatments in Birmingham

What are the benefits of private men's health procedures?

There are many benefits to choosing to go for private surgery, the biggest one here at Victoria House Clinic is the fact you will have direct access to our Consultant Urological Surgeon. Other benefits include:

We really are passionate about providing a first class service to all our patients & are here to support you the entire time. 

Meet Your Consultant Surgeon

Hosam begun his training in Egypt where he completed his medical school training, and obtained a MSc in Urology at Aim Shams University in Cairo. He then went on to do further basic training in the UK in Cambridge, Bristol and Newport. Following this he then joined the UK Urology National Training Program. All of this training resulted in Hosam obtaining MRCS, FRCS (Urol) , FEBU before successfully completing his Urology training in 2018. After further training he then went on to join the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Urology team as a Consultant Urological Surgeon. We’re now pleased to have him as part of our medical team as our Consultant Urological Surgeon.

Should you be interested in finding out more about a specific men’s health procedure and have the opportunity to ask questions and meet your consultant surgeon then please do get in touch and we can get you booked in for a consultation.