Acne Scarring Treatments

What is Acne Scarring?

One of the main complications and lasting effects from acne is acne scarring. This complication can leave your skin feeling rough, uneven and sore. Acne scars can develop from any type of acne spot, however it’s more common for them to arise from larger lumps or cysts often filled with pus erupting & damaging the skin surface. They are also common amongst people that pick and squeeze their spots. The characteristics of an acne scar can vary and some can be more severe than others. Many people that have acne scarring can be left feeling unhappy with the appearance of their skin & look for treatment methods to help refresh and repair the skin surface. 

How do acne scars develop?

Acne scars develop when acne blemishes become inflamed. Typically, the pore in which the acne spot sits in will swell causing the barrier of the pore to breakdown. This kind of disruption to the skin surface is what causes a scar to occur. 

Not all acne scars that develop are severe in their nature. If a scar has occurred as a result of a small acne blemish then it’s likely this scar will heal naturally on its own as the scar is only shallow. However in some cases during the disruption to the skin the pus inside the blemish can spill over into the surrounding tissue which can cause further damage and scars to appear. 

Typically acne scars appear in two different forms, which is determined by how they were caused. You might find that an acne scar appears as an indentation in your skin and is hollow or as a raised scar coming from the skin. However they appear it’s important to note that not all scars are permanent.  

Acne Scarring Treatments

Acne scarring can cause problems for many people and have a real impact on someones self esteem and confidence. To help address scars you are concerned with it’s always best to speak with a skin specialist so your skin can be assessed and the best possible treatments available outlined to you. Here at Victoria House Clinic we have a number of treatments that are designed to help with acne scarring or providing a refresh to your skin. 

Let us help you regain confidence with our specialist acne scarring treatments.