What is a wart?

A wart is a small lump on the skin that can feel firm and rough to touch. The appearance of them can vary in terms of shape and size and some can even include a pattern of black dots which are small blood vessels that have become clotted.  They typically appear on palms, knuckles, fingers and knees and are usually skin coloured. Warts are extremely contagious, transmitted through touch and can in some cases cause irritation. Many people with warts especially those that reoccur frequently might become unhappy with the appearance of them and look for alternative methods of removal than over the counter treatments. 

Symptoms & causes of warts

Warts are caused by the HPV virus, and even after you have been exposed to the virus it can sometimes take the wart 2-6 months to fully develop and appear. HPV is a common virus with over 150 different types, not all of which cause warts to appear. The virus is spread through contact, however people respond to the HPV virus differently so not everyone that comes into contact with the virus will develop warts.

The typical symptoms of a standard wart to look out for are the development of small, flesh coloured bumps appearing on the skin that feel grainy and rough to touch. There are however some symptoms that you should seek medical advice for if these are a concern for you including:

Wart Removal Treatments

If you have warts on your body that you are unhappy with then you might already be considering removal treatments. We offer wart removal procedures here in our CQC registered clinic carried out by our Consultant Surgeons. The method we use for the removal of warts is surgical excision which is a common method, and this is carried out under local anaesthetic. 

Our expert medical team are on hand to help you with the surgical removal of warts to help you regain your confidence & love the skin you’re in.