Terms & Conditions


All patients are required to provide contact details; including address, mobile telephone number, date of birth and email in order to secure an appointment.

All clients will complete a medical history form prior to or at their first appointment, this is necessary to inform the consultation and treatment planning process. A signed consent form is required for any treatment to be performed.

All information will be treated as confidential and protected in accordance with Data Protection legislation.

Patient information will not be shared with third parties without written permission and you will not receive unsolicited information from us.

You may choose to remove yourself from our mailing list at any time, by unsubscribing.



Please provide at least 48 hrs notice if you require to cancel or reschedule your appointment so that we may make the best use of our appointment diary.

Failing to not notify the clinic of not attending will result in a loss of treatment from treatment course or redeeming deposits.

Please prepare the skin as advised by your practitioner/doctor. Failure to do so will result to the appointment being rescheduled/cancelled and may incur charges.

Before attending any laser appointment please, if the face is being treated, please remove make up. Please shave all areas to be treated and we will decline treatment if there is a suntan in the area or fake tan. We will discuss suntan protocol with you at every appointment.

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointments as there will be paperwork to be completed each time.

Please do NOT attend the clinic for an appointment if you are unwell. If you are unsure, please call and discuss. Many treatments are contraindicated if you are unwell; this includes colds, cold sores or local skin infections.

All treatments require a consultation prior to arranging a treatment appointment. Quotes provided during consultation are accurate at the time of creation.



Consultations for laser hair removal are free of charge only, other consultations may be chargeable, this will be stated when an enquiry has been made or upon booking.

Some consultation charges may be waivered as per a promotional offer. You will be advised of the full costs of any treatment plan proposed and agreed, including that of any maintenance treatment, before any treatment is undertaken. In some circumstances, although it is a rare occurrence, patients can be deemed unsuitable for treatment at Victoria House Clinic.

An invoice for your treatment will be issued at the time of consultation. We politely request that this is settled 7 days in advance of your treatment. Please note that appointments / surgeries will not proceed unless a deposit has been made.

The clinic accepts cash, major debit, and credit cards.

A discretionary deposit will be taken for some treatments and in some circumstances for example where specific products and materials need to be ordered.

Any laser hair removal packages need to be redeemed within 12 months from date of purchase, tattoo removal packages need to be redeemed within 24 months. from date of purchase. We will not reinstate treatments out this timeframe.



Fees charged for treatment are for the delivery of a treatment and the accompanying service, which is inclusive of:

  • consultation and assessment
  • provision of information and advice
  • safe treatment with evidence-based products
  • follow up appointments and aftercare advice and support, as appropriate
  • Some additional follow ups with doctors may incur a charge, this will be mentioned upon booking.

Whilst we undertake to provide excellent service; factual, honest, and ethical advice, safe, expert treatment in experienced hands and only the best products, we cannot guarantee your results and cannot offer refunds if the results achieved fail to meet your expectations.



Any feedback is much appreciated, both positive and negative. Feedback is used to review and improve quality of service. You may submit feedback verbally or via email.




We genuinely value your feedback and are committed to ensuring your satisfaction. Here’s how we handle complaints with care and attentiveness:

A Thorough Investigation: Rest assured, every complaint is taken seriously, and our Registered Manager will personally conduct a comprehensive investigation to address your concerns.

Prompt Acknowledgement: We want you to know that your complaint is important to us. That’s why we guarantee you a written acknowledgement within 2 working days of submitting your complaint.

A Timely Response: We understand the importance of resolving issues promptly. You can expect a written response within 20 working days. If there are any unexpected delays, we will promptly provide you with a written explanation and an estimated time for our response. However, we strive to provide a complete response within 5 working days of reaching a conclusion.

Team Involvement: We believe in transparency and learning from every situation. That’s why all staff members involved in the complaint will be informed of the outcome. We also provide them with valuable advice on how to prevent similar issues from recurring in the future.

A Comprehensive Report: Once your complaint is resolved, we want to share the results with you. Our Registered Manager will prepare a full written report that includes any recommendations and actions to be taken. We believe in continuous improvement and value your input.

If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with the resolution of your complaint, we offer several options based on the nature of your concern:

  • Independent Arbitration Service: We will gladly provide you with the contact details of an independent arbitration service that can assist you further. They will offer impartial guidance to help address your issue.
  • Professional Regulators: Your well-being is our priority. If your complaint relates to professional conduct, clinical competence, or fitness to practice, you can raise your concerns with the appropriate professional regulator. For doctors, it’s the General Medical Council; for nurses, it’s the Nursing & Midwifery Council; and for allied health professionals, it’s the Health & Care Professions Council. They will provide the necessary support and guidance.
  • Care Quality Commission (CQC): For complaints related to a service or provider registered with the CQC, we encourage you to contact them directly. They are dedicated to ensuring quality care and can assist you further in addressing your concerns.
  • Legal Advice: We understand that sometimes seeking legal advice becomes necessary. Should you choose to explore this option regarding your complaint about any healthcare provider’s services, we respect your decision.

Please submit your complaint in writing to our Registered Manager. They will personally oversee the investigation and gather all the necessary information. Once the process is complete, we will provide you with a full written report that includes the outcomes and any actions taken.

Please note that should your complaint proceed to litigation, we will promptly notify the Care Quality Commission.

We truly appreciate your willingness to share your concerns, and we are fully committed to providing a friendly and satisfactory resolution.


Complications Management

We understand that complications arise, in this scenario please contact Victoria House Clinic immediately or call the out of hours number provided after surgery.