Split Earlobes

What are split earlobes?

Split earlobes is a general term used to describe earlobes that have been stretched or torn. It’s a common type of ear injury and can be as a result of a number of different causes. The majority of split earlobes will worsen over time and they gradually stretch or continue to tear until the earlobe is fully split. The number one cause for earlobe split and tearing is from heavy, large earrings. Continuous wear of large, heavy earrings can cause the earring hole to stretch and eventually cause a tear in the earlobe. Trauma, or earrings accidentally being ripped out can also cause the earlobe to split. Some people with split earlobes might find them to be painful and cause discomfort and irritation, whilst others might simply be unhappy with the appearance of them. 

What causes split earlobes?

A torn earlobe is very rarely a medical concern and any repair to one is typically for cosmetic reasons. There are a number of reasons as to why an earlobe might become torn or stretched. Here’s an example of some of the causes of earlobe splits:


The overall cause of split earlobes is down to damage, stretching and heavy jewellery. 

Treatments for split earlobes

If you have a split earlobe that you are unhappy with the appearance of and would like to have corrected then you might already be considering available treatments. Here at Victoria House Clinic we offer Earlobe Repair surgical procedures carried out here in our CQC registered clinic by our expert Consultant Surgeons. Let our team help you to regain your confidence.